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  • 'Tinder for tourism' platform expanding to help build workforce

    Radio NZ, 19 February 2020

    It's been described as 'Tinder for tourism' - and Go with Tourism is already reporting hundreds of successful matches less than a year since its soft launch.

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  • Coronavirus: Tourism minister rejects Chinese ambassador's criticism of border closures

    Stuff, 18 February 2020

    Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis says China may be feeling "hurt", but border closures are necessary to protect the health of New Zealanders.

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  • Fears some small businesses could 'disappear' if coronavirus ban on Chinese tourists drags on

    1Newsnow, 18 February 2020

    Small businesses that service the tourism industry around the country are being hit hard in the pocket as the ban on Chinese nationals travelling here continues amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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  • Airbnb offers councils help in return for bed tax

    NBR, 17 February 2020

    The platform is proposing new rules for the peer-to-peer accommodation sector including a visitor levy.

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  • Coronavirus: Hundreds of tourism jobs lost and fears more at risk

    Stuff, 17 February 2020

    New Zealand border closures to halt the spread of the coronavirus have already led to hundreds of tourism job losses and more are feared.

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  • Coronavirus: NZ tourism reels from border closure and Chinese visitor drought

    Stuff, 16 February 2020

    New Zealand may be coronavirus-free but the tourism industry is feeling more than a little sick.

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  • Chief executive and top manager leave Queenstown tourism company Wayfare

    Stuff, 13 February 2020

    The chief executive of tourism heavyweight Wayfare is leaving the company shortly after a high-profile manager jumped ship.

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  • Accommodation providers in Auckland claim they are footing the city's tourism bill

    Newstalk ZB, 8 February 2020

    The High Court has allowed the council to proceed with its controversial bed tax, meaning it can now apply a tax to hotels, motels, serviced apartments and other accommodation providers like Airbnb if they are rented for more than 28 nights a year.

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  • Auckland hotel rate: Mayor Phil Goff's 'levy' survives High Court challenge

    Stuff, 7 February 2020

    Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has survived a legal challenge with the High Court rejecting a case claiming an additional $14 million rate on city hotels was unlawful.

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  • Help our local tourism operators get through the Coronavirus outbreak

    The Project, 5 February 2020

    #LocalsWeekend A side issue to Coronavirus is that our tourist sites could struggle with a drop in Chinese visitors.

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  • What impact will coronavirus have on New Zealand’s economy?

    The Spinoff, 4 February 2020

    As the world’s second-largest economy rushes to contain the deadly coronavirus which has killed more than 360 people, what effects will it have on some of New Zealand’s key industries?

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  • Virus effect no puzzle for business

    Otago Daily Times, 4 February 2020

    While Queenstown and Wanaka tourist organisations puzzle over the likely impact of the Government’s ban on Chinese tourists, Puzzling World, in Wanaka, is providing some strong clues.

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  • The impact of banning tourists from China

    Radio NZ, 3 February 2020

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced yesterday that MFAT has raised its travel advice to all New Zealanders for all of mainland China to the highest level - 'do not travel'. Chris Roberts, Chief Executive of the Tourism Industry Aotearoa discusses the implications of the ban.

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  • Close to $100 million hole in tourism earnings from Chinese travel ban

    Stuff, 3 February 2020

    Halting all Chinese visitors for two weeks to prevent spread of the coronavirus is calculated to leave a $940 million hole in our tourism earnings.

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  • Military base will house NZers evacuated from Wuhan

    Radio NZ, 3 February 2020

    A military training base in north Auckland is being turned into a quarantine centre for New Zealanders returning from Wuhan which is in lockdown because the Novel Coronavirus.
    [00:03:09] Tourism Industry Aotearoa [ TIA] Chief Executive Chris Roberts.

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  • Customs closes eGates as coronavirus travel ban kicks in

    NewstalkZB, 3 February 2020

    All travellers entering New Zealand will now be manually processed as eGates are closed by Customs.

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  • Coronavirus: NZ blocks China travellers today

    New Zealand Herald, 3 February 2020

    A military training base in north Auckland is being turned into a quarantine centre for New Zealanders returning from Wuhan, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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  • Rental car drivers - stiffer road penalties on the way

    Crux, 31 January 2020

    In the wake of multiple serious rental car incidents in the Southern Lakes, council, police, the rental car industry, NZTA and the tourism industry have all acknowledged that there is an immediate problem to be fixed and action is on the way.

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  • Any cruise ships with passengers believed to have coronavirus will be met by health officers

    Stuff, 30 January 2020

    Any cruise ships carrying passengers believed to be infected with coronavirus will be met by health officers on arrival in New Zealand, the Health Ministry says.

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  • Coronavirus outbreak: Tourism operators could need financial help as cancellations rise

    Radio NZ, 30 January 2020

    Tourism leaders haven't ruled out lobbying the government for financial support in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

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  • Coronavirus: Government charters Air NZ flight to assist Wuhan departure

    Stuff, 30 January 2020

    The Government will charter an aircraft to assist New Zealanders leaving Wuhan, Foreign Minister Winston Peters has announced.

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  • How might coronavirus affect tourism to New Zealand?

    Radio NZ, 28 January 2020

    As the death toll in China from those infected with coronavirus rises to 81, a lock-down spreads to 15 cities and group tours are banned outside of the country.

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  • 20 Questions for 2020: Chris Roberts

    NBR, 23 January 2020

    Our daily series of interesting Q+As with interesting people.

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  • 'Too much tourist pressure' in Queenstown

    Otago Daily Times, 20 January 2020

    The majority of Queenstown residents surveyed in the most recent Mood of the Nation online survey believe international tourists are putting too much pressure on New Zealand.

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  • Beach trip to Cape Kidnappers as risky as whitewater rafting, or golf, depending on how you travel

    Stuff, 15 January 2020

    Keep it open and advise visitors of the risk, or close it and eliminate any risk altogether?

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  • Three star hotels out perform posher lodgings as occupancy rates flatten

    Stuff, 14 January 2020

    Lack of new major events this year is expected to hit the hotel industry as occupancy rates flat line.

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  • Tourism industry working to ensure a sustainable future

    Radio New Zealand, 14 January 2020

    Tourism leaders say they're putting in the hard yards to ensure a sustainable future for the industry - but there's plenty of work to go.

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  • Hotel occupancy rates reflect tourism growth slowdown

    NBR, 14 January 2020

    New Zealand hotels had the same national occupancy rate in 2019 as the previous year, at 79%, according to Tourism Industry Aotearoa’s latest figures.

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  • More to be done to reach sustainable tourism future

    Radio New Zealand, 14 January 2020

    Tourism sector leaders say they're putting in the hard yards to ensure a sustainable future for the industry - but there's plenty of work still to go.

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  • High-end tourists, not freeloaders, our best future

    The Press, 14 January 2020

    OPINION: Hopscotching my way through the wide and lonely wilderness of the mighty Maniototo last week, I was swooning over this landscape of awe and saga

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  • Tourism growth means irreversible harm to environment – Upton

    NBR, 18 December 2019

    Report finds environmental tourism growth needs to be addressed.

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  • No plan to tackle environmental degradation by increased tourism - Commissioner

    Radio NZ, 18 December 2019

    The Environment Commissioner says the government and the tourism industry have no clear plan for dealing with the likely environmental degradation from ballooning tourist numbers in the coming decades.

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  • Volcanic eruption shines spotlight on New Zealand's adventure tourism

    The Star, 18 December 2019

    Adventure tourism is a key part of New Zealand’s international appeal but the recent White Island volcano eruption is a tragic reminder that such activities carry genuine risks that must be better explained to travellers, experts say.

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  • No environment care plan as tourist numbers skyrocket in NZ

    Radio NZ, 18 December 2019

    The government and the tourism industry have no clear plan to deal with the impacts that ballooning tourist numbers will have on the environment in the coming decades, according to a new report from the Environment Commissioner.

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  • Business News for 16 December 2019

    Radio NZ, 16 December 2019

    [00:04:30] The head of the industry group Tourism [Industry] Aotearoa Chris Roberts says the slowdown isn't concerning considering that visitors are spending more while they're here.

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  • Business News for 13 December 2019

    Radio NZ, 13 December 2019

    [00:05:30] CHRIS ROBERTS Tourism New Zealand, the government agency, takes the lead on this and I know that they are reassessing where they put their marketing spend and they're shifting some of their spend from the emerging markets, where they've been over investing in recent years to try and get those markets stimulated, and putting that spending back into the key markets of Australia, China, and the United States.

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  • Whakaari / White Island eruption: Tourists are aware of risks in NZ, but not deterred

    Radio NZ, 11 December 2019

    Tourists say they've become more aware of the risks of travelling in New Zealand, but it isn't a deterrent.

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  • Tourism expert weighs in on effect of White Island eruption

    NewstalkZB, 11 December 2019

    A tourism expert is confident the industry can survive any downturn in tourists as a result of the Whakaari White Island eruption.

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  • Roncalli College team wins National Young Enterprise Scheme awards

    Stuff, 5 December 2019

    A group of Roncalli College students has won the YES National Excellence Tourism award with a reusable jute bag.

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  • Dunedin pushes for a five-star hotel

    Radio NZ, 5 December 2019

    Dunedin City Council is making a new push for the city's first five-star hotel, calling for developers to pitch their plans to transform an inner city carpark.

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  • Hospo workers hard to find in upper South Island

    Radio NZ, 3 December 2019

    Cafes, bars and restaurants are struggling big-time to fill their summer job vacancies, with some not reporting a SINGLE application.

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  • Worker shortage strikes regional hospitality sector

    Radio NZ, 2 December 2019

    Hospitality businesses in the top of the South are struggling to fill summer job vacancies, with some reporting not a single application from the typically abundant visitor workforce.

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  • Tamariki urge New Zealanders and visitors to protect Aotearoa

    Te Ao Māori News, 25 November 2019

    Tamariki are urging New Zealanders and international visitors to Aotearoa to look after the environment as part of a new summer campaign.

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  • Chinese visitors don't respond to questions about their spending

    Stuff, 25 November 2019

    Difficulties getting spending information from Chinese tourists has cast doubt on the accuracy of official data.

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  • Hoteliers, KiwiRail and ChristchurchNZ join forces as North Islanders shun city

    Stuff, 23 November 2019

    Christchurch hoteliers, KiwiRail and promotional agency ChristchurchNZ have formed a $1 million fighting fund to lure North Island visitors to Christchurch.

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  • New Zealand no longer flavour of the month with Chinese tourists

    Stuff, 13 November 2019

    Aussie visitors are helping make up for the continued slide in many Asian markets, particularly China.

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  • American Airlines to fly Christchurch to Los Angeles direct

    Radio NZ, 29 October 2019

    American Airlines will fly direct from Los Angeles to Christchurch three times a week from next year.

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  • Infrastructure the biggest issue for tourism

    NBR, 26 October 2019

    Tourism businesses say slowing growth from overseas visitors is not the biggest issue – outdated infrastructure is.

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  • Tourist numbers perk up in August as Aussies more than offset declining Asian demand

    ShareChat, 15 October 2019

    A growing number of Australian tourists more than offset declining Asian and European visitor numbers as the pace of growth across the sector continues to moderate.

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  • New electronic travel authority hasn't worked for two weeks

    NewstalkZB, 15 October 2019

    New Zealand's new electronic travel authorities hasn't worked in its first two weeks - and the Immigration Minister has kept quiet about it.

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  • Thousands allowed in without new travel authorities to avoid passenger chaos

    Stuff, 15 October 2019

    Thousands of passengers have been allowed to enter New Zealand without getting a new electronic travel authority or paying a new visitor levy.

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  • Immigration NZ criticised for confusion around Electronic Travel Authority rules

    Radio NZ, 16 October 2019

    About 15 percent of visitors are still entering the country without the Electronic Travel Authority that became "obligatory" on 1 October.

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  • Disability advocate says tourism industry needs to lift its game

    Radio NZ, 2 October 2019

    About a quarter of New Zealanders have a disability, yet there are no figures that properly capture what that means for the tourism industry.

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  • Tourists to learn about tikanga Māori to avoid causing offense

    TeAo Māori News, 1 October 2019

    New Zealand tourism agencies are working on ways to educate tourists about tikanga Māori, so that visitors avoid causing offense to iwi when visiting significant Māori sites.

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  • Trepidation as new tourism levy and Electronic Travel Authority becomes mandatory

    Newshub, 1 October 2019

    There's some nervousness in the tourism industry as New Zealand's new visa system rolls out on Tuesday.

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  • Electronic visitor visas kick in today -

    Radio NZ, 1 October 2019

    Visitors will be unable to travel to New Zealand without a new electronic travel authority or visa from today.

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  • Changes to NZ border rules kick in today: What you need to know

    Radio NZ, 1 October 2019

    Visitors will be unable to travel to New Zealand without a new Electronic Travel Authority as tougher border rules go live today.

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  • Tourism NZ welcomes chance to share data on Kiwi tourists

    Radio NZ, 30 September 2019

    Tourism New Zealand could branch out into the domestic visitor market following an independent review.

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  • Stats NZ to tout $2m start-up unit

    Newsroom, 19 September 2019

    In February last year, as access codes were being sent out for the looming census, Statistics Minister James Shaw was briefed on the emergence of Stats NZ’s commercial arm, Data Ventures.

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  • David Seymour slams any Government Lord of the Rings subsidy for Jeff Bezos

    Newshub, 18 September 2019

    ACT Party leader David Seymour is slamming the Government for potentially subsidising the world's richest man.

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  • Tentative welcome for visa changes

    Otago Daily Times, 18 September 2019

    Changes to temporary work visas are being cautiously welcomed by industry leaders and employers across the South.

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  • Government announces new employer-assisted temporary work visa

    Stuff, 17 September 2019

    A shake-up to temporary work visas looks set to make the process of hiring foreign workers easier.

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  • No flying movement for Climate Change

    Q + A, 17 September 2019

    Whena Owen with this report as the number of people flying only continues to grow with aviation responsible for about five percent of carbon emissions.

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  • Growing movement urges passengers to ditch air travel to tackle climate change

    1Newsnow, 17 September 2019

    A growing movement is urging people to boycott air travel to combat worsening climate change.

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  • Mount holiday park reducing waste

    SunLive, 4 September 2019

    Cosy Corner Holiday Park in Mount Maunganui are doing their bit to reduce plastic waste and have been rewarded for their efforts.

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  • Security screening at regional airports 'inevitable'

    Radio NZ, 4 September 2019

    Security screening at regional airports is inevitable, tourism industry leaders say.

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  • Sky-High Export Earner

    NZBusiness, 27 August 2019

    New Zealand’s international tourism market might not be growing at the same breakneck speed it has over the past five years, but the industry is still New Zealand’s largest export earner with total annual tourism expenditure of $39.1 billion and annual international tourism expenditure of $16.2 billion.

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  • Conference push brings in millions

    Mountain Scene, 24 August 2019

    The tourism boom may be “over”, but millions of dollars are still being poured into Queenstown’s economy via conferences.

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  • Too many tourists: Should we limit visitor numbers to NZ?

    Stuff, 23 August 2019

    Queenstown. Beautiful place. But becoming a bit of a bugger of a place, they say.

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  • Bumper cruise ship season nears as other tourist sectors slow

    New Zealand Herald, 15 August 2019

    This summer's cruise season promises to be a bright spot for New Zealand tourism, amid sagging overall international tourist growth.

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  • Visitor levy to fund kākāpō support plans

    Radio NZ, 14 August 2019

    Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis said the projects had been chosen for quick runs on the board that meet tourism priorities.

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  • NZ international visitor levy money funds tourism projects

    Radio NZ, 14 August 2019

    The initial investment plan of about $18 million was announced by Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis and Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage on Wednesday afternoon.

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  • New Zealand tourism levy to help kākāpō recovery, other projects

    The Press, 14 August 2019

    Ten tourism and conservation ventures will initially receive $18 million, with a total investment of $42m over the next five years.

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  • Government announces how international visitor levies will be spent on NZ's tourism industry

    Newshub, 14 August 2019

    The Government says its visitor levy has collected $2 million since it was introduced six weeks ago - and on Wednesday it was announced just where that money will be spent.

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  • Tighter border screening may turn away more than 2000 travellers a year

    Stuff, 9 August 2019

    Immigration NZ says a new app to help vet travellers is working well just days after going live, despite misgivings from the tourism industry.

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  • Tourism boom over: Bright light of 'Rock Star Economy' dims

    New Zealand Herald, 9 August 2019

    New Zealand's tourism boom is over, with warnings that growth could fall to zero over the next year and have a wide impact on the economy.

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  • Long haul from here to zero carbon

    Otago Daily Times, 3 August 2019

    The Queenstown Lakes District Council has launched public consultation on its draft climate action plan 2019-22. Paul Taylor looks at how the district is taking its first steps towards reducing its net greenhouse gas emissions from more than 663,000 tonnes per year to zero.

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  • The tourism boom is over, prepare for visitor numbers to flatline

    Stuff, 31 July 2019

    "The boom is over." Tourism Industry Aotearoa chief executive Chris Roberts is blunt about the outlook ahead as arrivals from key markets like China continue to fall.

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  • Boom over for tourism, CEO warns

    Otago Daily Times, 31 July 2019

    The tourism boom is over. That was Tourism Industry Aotearoa chief executive Chris Roberts' blunt message to more than 100 industry players at an association event in Queenstown this week.

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  • Airport expansion opponents raise case with Government and others

    Otago Daily Times, 27 July 2019

    A campaign against expanding Wanaka Airport has been taken to the Government. Wanaka Stakeholders Group chairman Michael Ross said the group believed the issue was "bigger than local government and Queenstown Airport Corporation" and had this week written to Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones.

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  • Tauranga tourism gets support from national body

    Bay of Plenty Times, 25 July 2019

    The national tourism body has thrown support behind Tauranga sector leaders. The first Discussing Tourism event by Tourism Industry Aotearoa was held in Tauranga on Monday.

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  • Plastic pollution is putting NZ's 'clean green' image at risk

    Stuff, 23 July 2019

    Tourists are drawn to New Zealand as one of the cleanest nations in the world - but plastic could taint that image.

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  • Walking the walk on sustainability

    TTG Asia, 19 July 2019

    Sustainability is becoming a bigger priority in New Zealand’s tourism sector, with both the public and private sectors eager to uphold indigenous cultural values and preserve the destination for generations to come.

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  • Tourism operators discussing their future

    SunLive, 23 July 2019

    Tourism operators from across the central North Island are today Discussing Tourism in Tauranga at the first of the 2019 series of regional forums organised by Tourism Industry Aotearoa.

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  • Sustainability moves taking root

    Otago Daily Times, 20 July 2019

    A year ago Tourism Industry Aotearoa appointed two advocates to encourage tourism operators to sign up to the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment.

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  • There are hopes a multi-million dollar Super Fund investment, will help the tourism industry fill demand for visitor beds

    NZCity, 16 July 2019

    Tourism Industry Aotearoa CEO Chris Roberts says New Zealand needs more than four and a half thousand extra beds by 2025.

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  • Statistics New Zealand money troubles led to talk of up to 200 job losses

    Stuff, 9 July 2019

    Tourism Industry Aotearoa Chris Roberts said it was vital that the SNZ continued measure the value of the tourism sector and TIA would push hard to ensure it did so.

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  • The disadvantages of tourism

    Wānaka Sun, 11 July 2019

    “As tourism is such an essential part of our economy and community, we need to change the yardstick. Instead of continually striving for greater numbers, we need to look at different metrics…”

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  • Controversial $200m Queenstown hotel approved without public hearing

    Stuff, 3 July 2019

    Tourism Industry Aotearoa chief executive Chris Roberts said in April hoteliers all over New Zealand were facing a period of uncertainty, with increases in the minimum wage, the growing number of Airbnb properties and slowing tourism growth.

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  • Councils can't cope: Productivity Commission

    RNZ Audio, 4 July 2019

    Local councils dealing with climate change, and struggling with overloaded infrastructure and high visitor numbers need better financial support - according to a new report from the Productivity Commission. Lynn talks with Chris Roberts, Chief Executive of Tourism Industry Aotearoa.

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  • Productivity Commission supports accommodation levy call, tourism industry disappointed

    Stuff, 4 July 2019

    Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) has been opposed to the proposal and chief executive Chris Roberts said it was disappointed the commission had supported it.

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  • Q'town bed tax: 'NZ doesn't need new taxes'

    ODT, 4 July 2019

    A new report has backed Queenstown's bed tax bid, but the tourism industry has hit back saying "New Zealand doesn't need new taxes" and that Kiwi travellers will be caught out by the levy.

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  • Mixed reaction to future of local government funding

    NBR, 4 July 2019

    New Zealand Productivity Commission suggests a bed tax, among other solutions.

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  • Visa delays blamed for a slow down in Indian visitors

    Stuff, 2 July 2019

    Delays in processing holiday visas for Indian visitors are blighting an otherwise promising tourist market.

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  • Lessons from Europe in New Zealand's food-farming-tourism future

    NZ Herald Country Life, 1 July 2019

    Tourism Industry Aotearoa chief executive Chris Roberts outlined priority areas that include embedding greater sustainability into the sector, managing destinations and engaging with communities in a bid for the sector to improve the quality rather than just the quantity of visitors to New Zealand.

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  • Most international visitors to New Zealand will have to pay levy from today

    Radio New Zealand, 1 July 2019

    Tourism Industry Aotearoa chief executive Chris Roberts said people who need a visa to enter New Zealand were unlikely to notice a difference.

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