DOC Toolkit

The Department of Conservation (DOC) manages a third of New Zealand’s total land area and is a highly valued participant in the tourism industry. Hundreds of tourism operators rely on access to public conservation areas in order to operate their businesses.

Use these resources to engage with DOC and strengthen the tourism/conservation partnership. Find out more about TIA's partnership with DOC and our advocacy in this space. 


  • Concession application process

    All you want to know about the concession process. Includes a map viewer.

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  • Free online concessions course

    This free online course teaches you about concessions, who needs one and why they are an important part of conservation.

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  • Park Management Plans

    Management Plans and Strategies for each conservation area and national park. These tell you what activities are allowed and where and help you prepare your concession application.

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  • DOC structure

    DOC - what it does and why, including roles, structure and policies.

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  • DOC staff contacts

    Concessions' contact information

    DOC staff contacts
  • Safety alerts and weather updates

    Be prepared and keep your staff and clients safe by keeping up to date with the latest alerts and weather.

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  • Damage and conservation emergency hotline

    Damage and conservation emergency hotline 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468). Otherwise follow the 'Read more' link to make an enquiry or provide feedback on huts, tracks, flora, fauna etc.

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  • What's up DOC? - monthly newsletter

    Sign up to DOC's monthly email newsletter to receive news and updates from the DOC website and conservation blog. You can also access newsletters from DOC offices around the country.

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  • Conservation initiatives in your area

    View the latest media releases and conservation issues, find stories and events in your region, or join DOC's social media communities.

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  • Get involved!

    Volunteer, run a project, event or project, have your say on conservation and DOC issues. Free training courses for your staff.

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  • Conservation information

    Learn about animal, plant and heritage conservation and the pests and risks that threaten them.

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  • Support conservation

    Support conservation by donating or sponsoring.

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