Kiwis more concerned about burden of tourism than Aussies, research shows

New research from Wellington firm Angus & Associates indicates that nearly half of New Zealanders believe that international visitors are putting too much pressure on New Zealand, whereas only 25% of Australians feel the same way about international visitors to their country. 95% of New Zealanders believe that, overall, international tourism is good for the country.

The findings are the product of a survey of a representative sample of 3700 New Zealand and Australian residents between July 2017 and March 2018. 

Cristine Angus, Managing Director of Angus & Associates, says that "tourism is our largest export earner and directly employs almost 200,000 people, so the value of the industry to New Zealand should not be understated."

"Our research highlights that we need to ensure that the benefits of tourism continue to outweigh any adverse impacts - including efforts to better manage or reduce those impacts, whilst also working with communities to communicate these benefits and retain public support for tourism".

The research is part of an ongoing project of Angus & Associates entitled "Views on Tourism". Angus & Associates is actively seeking opportunities to partner with relevant stakeholders in order to support and drive the development of the Views on Tourism research so that changes over time can be measured.

Angus & Associates's press release about the research is available here, and a 6-page summary of the research itself can be accessed here.