Domestic Satisfaction Report Series

TIA’s Domestic Satisfaction Report series was commissioned to monitor domestic travellers’ perceptions of their travel within New Zealand as a tracking mechanism for the Tourism Sustainability Commitment. The TSC uses international and domestic satisfaction as a key sustainability indicator.

The research also meets the needs of other organisations across the industry, such as regional tourism organisations, economic development agencies and individual operators.

The research is undertaken for TIA by Angus & Associates. It commenced at the beginning of 2018 and will continue to be conducted quarterly as an ongoing industry measure. 2400 New Zealand travellers are surveyed online each year. For the visitor satisfaction module, respondents must have travelled overnight within the last 12 months to participate in the survey.

Year Ending June 2020

Domestic Satisfaction Report: Year Ending June 2020


Previous Reports

Domestic Satisfaction Report: Year Ending March 2020

Domestic visitors rate New Zealand highly

The March research shows that Kiwis love travelling around New Zealand. The research, carried out for TIA by Angus & Associates, shows that three in four New Zealand residents took an overnight domestic trip for leisure purposes in the year ending March 2020. 

Overall satisfaction with their most recent trip averaged 8.7 out of 10, with half of all travellers reporting that their experience had exceeded their expectations. Northland, Coromandel Peninsula, Hawkes Bay and the wider Canterbury region rated the highest satisfaction levels. 

The next few months will be an amazing opportunity for Kiwis to experience the best New Zealand has to offer – and have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to save the livelihoods of other Kiwis.

Tourism is the most impacted sector of the economy and faces the longest recovery. We are calling on the Government to take a sensible and safe approach to kickstarting our recovery.

Domestic Satisfaction Report: Year Ending September 2019

Domestic Satisfaction Report: Year Ending June 2019 

Domestic Satisfaction Report - Year Ending March 2019 

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