2018 Industry Scorecard - how are we tracking?

The 2018 tourism industry scorecard has been released, highlighting progress against the Tourism 2025 growth framework priorities, including visitor spend, air connectivity, visitor satisfaction, seasonality, and regional dispersal.

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The Scorecard shows strong progress since 2014 against some of the Tourism 2025 objectives. The value* of visitors has grown significantly and at a faster rate than visitor numbers. International and domestic air connectivity – the number of airline seats available – has grown. Visitor satisfaction has continued to be maintained at a very high level, with over 95% of international visitors having their expectations met or exceeded.

Two long-standing industry priorities have proved more difficult to make progress on, Mr Roberts says. Seasonality and regional dispersal – when visitors travel and where they go – remain challenging to influence.

*The expenditure figures are TIA estimates for the year ending March 2018. The Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) that will be released by StatsNZ in December 2018 will provide the official tourism expenditure figures and growth rates for the year ending March 2018. The Tourism 2025 Scorecard will be updated and finalised when these numbers are available.

The scorecard was released by TIA Chief Executive Chris Roberts at the Tourism Summit Aotearoa in Wellington, 8 November.

See his presentation - Tourism 2025 2018 Scorecard - how are we tracking?