Employer Toolkit

Tourism business tips

Tips and resources to help tourism operators succeed and thrive, including information on starting a business.

  • Shaping your business environment

    4 rules of engagement for achieving successful advocacy outcomes

    Managing both the amount of change and the rate of change is now a critical skill set required by people in business, writes TIA Chief Operating Officer Chris McGeown.

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  • Tourism 2025 - 3 years on

    5 tips to help SMEs take it on!

    TIA Chief Operating Officer Chris McGeown has 5 tips to help SMEs make a contribution to the tourism industry’s Tourism 2025 vision.

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  • Five tips to improve productivity & profitability

    Work smarter, not harder

    Roll your sleeves up and get stuck in! That’s a rather outdated management principle from years gone by. Tackling issues of productivity and profitability today is much more about working smarter, not harder.

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  • Five tips for busy operators

    Managing through the summer season

    TIA Chief Operating Officer Chris McGeown has 5 tips to help busy tourism operators 'see the wood from the trees' during the peak season.

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  • Is your business name available?

    One check

    This business.govt.nz search tool lets you check if your business name is available as a company name, a domain name and a trade mark with one search.

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  • Break even calculator

    Do the maths

    Use this tool to analyse your figures and find out how much you need to sell to break-even and meet your overheads.

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  • 9 steps to start a business

    A guide to starting a business

    If you’re new to being in business or self-employed, this business.govt.nz visual guide on this page will give you the complete picture of what's involved, from testing your idea to registering a trade mark — plus useful stats on small businesses in New Zealand.

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  • Business plan template

    A start up business plan

    Customise this www.business.govt.nz template to suit your business.

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  • Business idea action plan

    Do you have a commercial idea?

    This business.govt.nz business idea tool poses a series of questions to help you work out how to turn your idea into a business.

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  • Feasibility & risk checker

    Test whether your business idea is feasible

    Use feasibility tests to measure the financial risks of your business ideas before you commit to them.

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  • Financial viability action plan

    A template tool

    Find out how much money you'll need to get started and to keep the business running.

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