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Video: Award-winning Executive Housekeeper, Annalise Stewart

Every hotel needs a good housekeeper and Annalise Stewart is one of the best. As Executive Housekeeper at the five-star InterContinental Wellington, Annalise manages about 70 people and oversees a large budget, to ensure that the hotel’s 236 luxury rooms meet the high expectations of their guests. She says the role is much more than making beds and cleaning bathrooms.

“People ask me what's it like to be an Executive Housekeeper. You're a counsellor. You're a procurement manager. You have to be the disciplinarian. You have to be the nurturer. You have to be the developer. You have to be the coach. You have to be the strategist. You have to be the connector and the communicator. It's such a big role and the exciting thing is that it is what you make it,” she says.

“So it can be allocating people to clean rooms and just running a very standard budget, or you can let it be this creative exciting role where you allocate time to your team to develop and move up, and you create development programmes, and beautiful products and beautiful experiences.”

Annalise is the 2018 New Zealand Hotel Industry Housekeeper Employee of the Year.


Watch the video to find out more.