Industry News

Note from the TIA Chair

Following our June TIA Board meeting, I’m happy to report that your association is in a healthy and positive state – much like the industry it supports!

This was our first meeting of the 2017-18 financial year and the association’s year-end accounts show a small surplus. This is a pleasing result, due to careful financial management of TIA members’ fees and a series of successful industry events.

The TIA team carried out a number of very positive projects on behalf of the industry during the year, including the National Tourism Infrastructure Assessment, the Responsible Camping social media campaign and the development of the online domestic tourism tool, DGiT. Thanks to the operators and organisations who offered financial support to these projects, over and above their membership fees. 

We’ll be reporting in more detail on the 2017-18 results to TIA AGM in Christchurch on 7 September, the day of the New Zealand Tourism Awards gala dinner. Hoping to see a strong turnout from the industry.

In advance of the AGM, nominations for TIA Board elections will open in July. Your board is very keen to achieve more diversity around the board table, so I encourage you to consider this when you put forward nominations for the contested positions. 

We were pleased to welcome new Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall to his first TIA board meeting. He will be a valuable addition to our line-up.

The Board reviewed the very successful TRENZ 2017, held in Auckland in May. I’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank the TIA team for the massive effort that goes into organising and running this event.

I’ve recently attended IPW, the US equivalent of TRENZ. While it’s on a completely different scale, with 6500 participants vs the 1500 who attend TRENZ, I believe TRENZ is an extremely well-run event which pays dividends for our industry.

We’re looking forward to taking TRENZ to Dunedin for the first time in 2018 and it’s been great to hear the enthusiasm from the industry for this move.

Less positively, Auckland Council’s recent decision to impose a new targeted rate on the city’s hotels and motels was disappointing. A large amount of TIA time and effort went into coordinating a strong fight against this proposal, which achieved some significant changes to the original proposal, although not the complete outcome we wanted.

It’s clear the council’s decision was motivated more by politics than good business, at a time when the city is desperately short of commercial accommodation. TIA will continue to monitor the impact of the new rate closely.

Looking forward, the Board was updated on a couple of major TIA projects that are in their early stages.

Insight is at the centre of Tourism 2025 and TIA is working to establish what insight the tourism industry needs to grow and prosper, and how best to fill the gaps in existing information sources. This is an exciting project that could bring real benefit to the industry.

TIA has also embarked on a major project that will establish high level industry aspirational goals relating to economic, environmental and social sustainability. With a team of directors who are passionate about sustainability and the need for our industry to do more in this space, it’s fair to say we are giving our full backing to this goal.

It’s an exciting time for tourism with developments on many different fronts. TIA is proving its worth in taking the lead on these projects on behalf of the industry.