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Fuel crisis coming to an end

Good news for the tourism, aviation and trade sectors today with the temporary fuel disruption in Auckland coming to an end this weekend, reports Auckland Airport.

The disruption occurred when a pipeline which connects the Marsden Point Refinery to Wiri Oil Services Limited in Auckland needed urgent repairs two weeks ago.  The pipeline supplies airlines with aviation fuel at the airport and oil companies who are responsible for transporting, storing and supplying the fuel had to reduce the amount of fuel they were supplying to airlines.  

The pipeline was repaired last weekend and earlier this week fuel starting flowing from the Marsden Point Refinery to the Auckland jet fuel storage facilities near Auckland Airport. Subsequently, fuel allocations for airlines were increased earlier this week and normal allocations will resume on Sunday 1 October.

Auckland Airport says while last week there saw considerable disruption at the airport, this week has been quite different with the airlines adapting well to the measures needed to cope with reduced jet fuel allocations. As a result, there has been fewer flight cancellations this week and the number of delays and rescheduling have reduced daily at the airport.  For the past two days there has been no fuel-supply related disruptions.

A joint industry and New Zealand government group convened by Energy and Resources Minister Judith Collins will continue to oversee the full re-instalment of the jet fuel supply to the airport over this weekend.

Auckland Airport says the collaboration of the joint industry-government group and the initiatives undertaken to get jet fuel to the airport has been critical and particularly the co-operation of the oil companies with support from government agencies such as the New Zealand Defence Force.

Minister Collins has also announced that a government-led review will take place and Auckland Airport supports this review.  They say is vital for the tourism, aviation and trade sectors that the infrastructure supporting airports are resilient and robust plans are in place to minimise a significant event like this from happening again.