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Tourism Industry Sustainability

Establishing a tourism industry sustainability platform to sit alongside the Tourism 2025 economic goal is a priority project for TIA in 2017/18.

The Tourism 2025 aspirational goal to reach $41 billion of annual visitor expenditure is on track to be achieved a number of years earlier than 2025.

This rapid growth has been a boon to the industry, generating many business and employment opportunities, as well as benefitting the New Zealand economy and communities across the country.

Now, the tourism industry is facing the challenges of managing and sustaining growth, rather than generating growth. There needs to be purposeful effort to actively and positively manage the industry for its long-term sustainable success.

What is tourism industry sustainability?

For the tourism industry to be sustainable – environmentally, socially and economically – we must:

  • Ensure tourism businesses are financially successful in the longer term
  • protect and enhance the environment on which tourism businesses depend
  • maintain and enhance support from local communities
  • ensure our customers have outstanding experiences with all their tourism activities

TIA supports the goal that sustainability will become a genuine ethical underpinning of the tourism industry. Our desire and expectation is that long term, sustainability will become a core value against which all decisions are tested.

Financially sustainable businesses are able to invest in environmental and social sustainability, maintaining and enhancing New Zealand for future generations of residents and visitors.

Why now?

The tourism industry needs to manage its affairs so its actual and reputational standing is maintained and enhanced and we continue to deliver a consistently outstanding visitor experience.

The current tourism boom is placing pressure on the capacity of the tourism industry at peak times and in some places. This could harm industry growth, as well as impacting on community support for tourism.

There is also concern that increased tourism activity is placing pressure on New Zealand’s environment.

Who is involved?

TIA is leading this project, working with an external reference group, including representatives from:

  • Tourism New Zealand
  • Air New Zealand
  • Griffith University
  • Real Journeys
  • Ziptrek
  • Department of Conservation

We are also talking with a range of other stakeholders and will seek wider industry input through consultation and workshops over the coming months.

Actions and timing

This project will establish high level industry aspirational goals relating to economic, environmental and social sustainability. It will also identify actions that tourism businesses can take that will impact the goals.

We will be launching the Tourism Sustainability Platform at TIA’s 2017 National Tourism Summit in Wellington, 14 November.

More information

For more information on this project email TIA Tourism 2025 Advocate Bruce Bassett