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Tourism Insight Framework

A Tourism Insight Framework to lead and manage the insight available to New Zealand tourism operators and support sustainable growth of the $35 billion industry was launched by TIA on 13 November 2017.

The Tourism Insight Framework aims to drive changes so that tourism businesses and stakeholders have the quality knowledge needed to make better informed decisions and achieve better outcomes.

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The industry-led framework has five inter-related elements:

  •  leadership
  • sustainable funding
  • quality inputs
  • technology
  • enabling better decisions 

Under each element, the Tourism Insight Framework sets out a series of actions for both the private sector and government. 

The Tourism Insight Framework

Tourism Insight Framework diagram 73


Background to the Tourism Insight Framework 

TIA spearheaded the development of an industry-led Tourism Insight Framework as part of our 2017/18 Business Plan. In August 2017 we released the discovery phase report. The Framework was launched on 13 November 2017 including a series of actions.

Project objectives

This project aimed to determine:

  • What insight current data and research provides
  • What’s missing
  • Who should fill the gaps
  • How insight can be used to make better business decisions
  • The barriers to improving insight
  • What industry wants from insight
  • How the industry can work with government to provide the best insight outcomes
  • How to obtain a more accessible view of global insight

As an industry, the Tourism Insight Framework will ensure we take ownership of this issue. 


Stakeholder survey

As a first stage of this project, we sent a survey to a range of stakeholders in April 2017 to gain a better understanding of their tourism insight views and needs. The survey was distributed to a diverse range of tourism industry stakeholders, including large businesses, SMEs, research consultants, the tertiary education sector and other industry association.

One-on-one interviews

We followed up the survey with one-on-one interviews with tourism operators and regional focus groups.

Desk research is also providing an understanding of the areas of insight that are currently available and will help identify insight gaps.

TIA's Discovery Phase Report

TIA's Discovery Phase Report gave a deeper and broader understanding of the current state of New Zealand tourism’s insight system.

 Key findings:

  • Insight is at the core of the Tourism 2025 growth framework. Led by TIA, this project is critical to drive the implementation of Tourism 2025 and achieve the $41 billion annual revenue aspirational goal. 
  • New Zealand tourism has comprehensive data but this only partly meets the needs of users. While most users consider insight to be of high importance to their business, most also have low satisfaction levels with the current insight system. Many users find data hard to access and despite the efforts of the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment and Stats NZ with their dissemination platforms, there is no one place to source the wide body of tourism data. 
  • There is a lack of analysis and interpretation of the data meaning that the insights available from the various data sources are not being provided on a consistent or comprehensive basis to the industry. 
  • Emerging data sources such as mobile phone and credit card data has considerable potential to provide timely and accurate data. 
  • Tourism, New Zealand’s largest export industry, is effectively absent from the government’s $1.4 billion science and innovation system and industry support for science and innovation research is currently at a low-level overall.

The report also provides brief analysis of the Australian and Canadian tourism insight system and compares New Zealand’s tourism’s insight system with other industry and business groups. 

Insight steering committee workshop

In early August TIA led an Insight Framework steering committee workshop in Auckland. The group of industry representatives worked through a draft vision and framework strawman. We are now finalising a draft framework that will be tested with industry over the next couple of months.

(Note, this project doesn't include development of an insight implementation plan or the development of insight products).

Framework launch

The Tourism Insight Framework was launched at an industry function in Wellington on 13 November. 

Next steps

We will now begin the substantial task of improving the insight system guided by the framework. The Framework sets out a series of actions under each element for both the private sector and government.


Thanks to the project steering committee

The Insight Framework steering committee facilitated tourism industry input into the project. Members included representatives from:

Auckland Airport
Air New Zealand
Hamilton & Waikato Tourism
Holiday Parks Association of NZ
New Zealand Airports Association
Regional Tourism Organisations of NZ
TIA Hotels
Tourism New Zealand
Venture Southland

Tourism 2025

Insight is at the centre of the Tourism 2025 framework. It shapes and helps drive the other four Tourism 2025 themes (air connectivity, visitor experience, productivity and target for value). This Tourism Insight Framework is embedded within the family of Tourism 2025 projects, which also include People & Skills and Infrastructure & Investment.

More information

If you would like to find out more about this project or provide feedback, please contact TIA Insight Specialist Steve Riley, email steve.riley@tia.org.nz