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Tourism 2025

TIA champions the Tourism 2025 framework which aspires to align the industry and grow annual tourism revenue to $41 billion by 2025 by growing value faster than volume.

Since Tourism 2025 was launched in March 2014, tourism growth has exceeded all forecasts. Tourism was worth $27.2 billion in the year to March 2013, the base year for Tourism 2025. The official measurement for the year to March 2017 was $36 billion, a rise of nearly $9 billion in just five years. 

Tourism businesses are enjoying record resulting and reaping the financial gains from this growth. Communities across New Zealand are also benefitting, with more jobs, more economic activity and with the vibrancy that visitors bring as they travel around the country.

The environment has changed quite significantly since Tourism 2025 was launched, and the welcome growth being achieved throws up its own set of challenges that need to be factored into the industry’s thinking as we progress towards our $41 billion aspiration.


Our focus

Tourism 2025 Two Years On 

In May 2016 we released Tourism 2025 - Two Years On, reaffirming the Tourism 2025 growth framework and its five themes:

  • Insight
  • Target for Value
  • Productivity
  • Visitor Experience
  • Air Connectivity

Tourism 2025 - Two Years On reinforces that continuing efforts are needed to grow shoulder and off-peak travel, and improve regional dispersal.

It also gives increased attention to capacity and infrastructure development, to ensure New Zealand has the facilities needed for sustainable tourism growth.

It identifies around 30 priority areas for advancement for the next two years, for both the government and the private sector.

Industry Performance Scorecard

The 2017 Industry Performance Scorecard measures progress towards the 2025 $41 billion aspirational goal. 

Tourism 2025 in action

Read the Tourism 2025 blog to see how tourism operators large and small and government agencies are putting Tourism 2025 into action.