TIA Election 2020 Action Plan

Tourism’s priorities for the incoming Government

TIA's Tourism Election Action Plan 2020 sets out the priority actions we want from the new Government to revive and revitalise our tourism industry.

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Tourism Election 2020 Action Plan 


First 100-Day Plan for Government


Watch (above): Chief Executive Chris Roberts unveils the Action Plan. 
Watch (above): What are the major parties proposing for tourism? 

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

Tourism was the first industry to be hit by the pandemic and will be the last to recover. The Government elected in October 2020 must use all its resources and work alongside the private sector to revive and then revitalise the tourism industry for the benefit of our people and Aotearoa.

This is also a shared opportunity to make bold changes to fix longstanding systemic issues that have compromised our desire to build a truly sustainable tourism future. Tourism is a highly resilient industry.

With targeted support, system fixes and a shared vision, the industry will once again make an essential contribution to New Zealand’s success.

TIA has identified specific actions required from the incoming Government, in six categories: