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Infrastructure & Investment

TIA is leading a project to make sure New Zealand gets the right infrastructure to support our soaring visitor numbers.

This includes identifying infrastructure deficits. It’s not just about public toilets and hotels – it’s also about water, roading, cruise ship facilities, tramping tracks and huts.

If tourism is to achieve its aspirational goal of $41 billion in annual revenue by 2025, it’s vital the industry, central and local government are making well informed decisions to invest in new tourism infrastructure. This needs to be supported by the removal of unnecessary red tape and greater facilitation of new projects.

TIA’s priority actions

Project update and next steps

Tourism infrastructure fund

Other TIA activity


TIA’s priority actions

  • We are leading development of a national Infrastructure Assessment for tourism. This will:

    • Assess the impact increasing visitor numbers and changing market mix will have on demand and supply of tourism infrastructure
    • Determine priority infrastructure requirements
    • Identify priority infrastructure deficits/opportunities, including size, location  and timing
    • Identify and assess systemic issues and barriers that will impact on new infrastructure development
    • Recommend solutions
  • Influence regional plans/destination management
  • Identify and lobby for improve government processes, particularly around the RMA and Department of Conservation so decision making is faster


Project supplier
Deloitte is the project supplier. This consultancy brings deep infrastructure expertise to the project from its New Zealand and Australian-based tourism specialists. 

Deloitte has surveyed members to gather information on current and future infrastructure constraints.


Project update and next steps

TIA’s infrastructure project is progressing well. The discovery phase (survey, interviews and data analysis) and the process to establish prioritisation criteria are nearing completion.

From this, the key infrastructure gaps and issues will be identified, with further examination of the highest priority areas. 

Initial results were presented at TIA's Tourism Summit Aotearoa in Wellington on 9 November. Results of the Assessment are due to be released in early 2017.

This project will articulate the key infrastructure requirements of the tourism industry and barriers that exist. It will not, however, provide all the answers on how these needs will be addressed. Other work, such as a new industry report released in December 2016 and commissioned by Air NZ, THL, Auckland Airport and Christchurch Airport, and policy work by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment will shed more light in these important areas.  (See MBIE's tourism infrastructure report). 

It is anticipated that together, all these efforts will provide a substantive body of new information on what infrastructure is needed, when, and how it might be put in place. 

The findings will guide TIA's advocacy on behalf of the industry into the future.  They will also  inform central and local government on national and regional tourism infrastructure priorities, and will assist in informing investors of the opportunities available.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this important TIA project.


Tourism infrastructure fund

A new Regional Mid-sized Tourism Facilities Fund of $12 million over four years has been established by the Government to co-fund mid-sized infrastructure projects that deliver facilities utilised by visitors and that enhance the visitor experience.

The Fund reflects the reality that some districts have a limited ability to respond to the pressure created by high or increasing levels of visitor numbers, because of their small ratepayer bases. It will help communities fund visitor-related facilities such as restrooms, carparks or minor water management projects, to help them maximise their tourism growth potential.

A good start but not enough

The $12 million fund is a good start, however TIA is calling on central government to establish a more substantial tourism infrastructure fund ($50 million - $100 million) to ensure councils can rapidly respond to investment needs and ensure the benefits of tourism growth are shared fairly. Read more.


Other TIA activity

  • Working with Local Government New Zealand on funding models that support councils to provide the infrastructure needed to meet projected tourism growth.
  • Influencing New Zealand Trade & Enterprise’s ‘Project Palace’ to provide greater insight into accommodation investment needs. The report was released in May 2016. Read our media release
  • Influencing the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment’s tourism infrastructure review to ensure government alignment on the key issues.
  • Working with the Department of Conservation to create an infrastructure development programme and support private sector investment that allows New Zealanders and international visitors to enjoy the conservation estate.
  • Ensuring tourism interests are recognised and protected in the reform of the Resource Management Act.
  • Investigating international approaches to meeting tourism infrastructure needs and identifying options for application in New Zealand.
  • Identifying the crucial infrastructure-related government policy and investment needed to support Tourism 2025.