Currently Working On

Telling the 'Tourism Story'

TIA is working on a major project for 2018 to better tell the 'Tourism Story' - by empowering industry members to act as advocates to positively influence the discourse on tourism, widening external support and contributing to maintenance of the industry's social licence.


TIA hosted a group of 15 tourism communications and marketing representatives to a workshop in late May 2018 to discuss how the industry can better tell its story to New Zealanders. A wide range of ideas was debated and TIA will now develop an Action Plan for the industry.

A second workshop was held midway through July to discuss and progress key messaging and values to inform a potential campaign. An industry strategy is being formulated.  

Host community support vital

The ongoing support of host communities is a key element of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment. Welcoming, supportive communities are a vital part of what New Zealand has to offer our visitors. Truly sustainable tourism businesses have to find ways to protect and enhance their social licence to operate within their local communities.

The 'Tourism Story' project will help ensure all communities across the country and in all sectors of business and government understand what the tourism industry is and the value it provides.

TIA can't influence public opinion by ourselves. The 'Tourism Story' needs to be told by individual tourism busineses, as well as regional and national organisations. It will be the cumulative impact of these individual efforts that will make a difference at the local and national levels.

The 'Tourism Story' project aims to find ways to support all sectors of the industry to tell their stories better, from the small town holiday park providing local employment opportunities and supporting local suppliers, to the big corporate donating thousands of dollars to environmental causes.

The Tourism Sustainability Commitment will be one way to uncover these stories of tourism businesses contributing to their local communities.