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We advocate strongly to Immigration New Zealand/Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment to make it easier for operators to employ and train foreign staff and also to encourage visitor visa liberalisation.

ANZSCO classifications

We are currently working with INZ on a guide for employers on the current ANZSCO* classifications for key hospitality and tourism roles.

The aim of this work is to minimise the misalignment between INZ’s assessment of the correct ANZSCO classification and employers' assesment.

*Australian & New Zealand Classification of Occupations.


Other advocacy

Progress is being made in the area of work visas, albeit slowly. Overall, more than 85% of people coming here under working holiday schemes now have no restriction on how long they can work for one employer. There are still a few significant schemes which have restrictions, including China and Brazil. TIA is continuing to lobby for those restrictions to be lifted.

We also encourage Immigration New Zealand to make it easier for international visitors to travel here. We scored a significant win in 2016 when the Government introduced a package of measures to make it easier for Chinese travellers to visit here.