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Funding and Investment

The growth of tourism globally has raised issues of funding (who should pay) and investment (where is intervention needed to address market failure) and New Zealand is no exception. 

TIA's National Tourism Infrastructure Assessment identified the priority investment areas for intervention, along with barriers and mitigations.

As a partial response, the last Government established a $25 million annual Tourism Infrastructure Fund. The new Government has the $1 billion annual Tuawhenua Provincial Growth Fund and has accepted TIA’s view that tourism can play a central role in regional development.

The GST take from visitors along with the border clearance levy and other taxes is significant. However, the Government is exploring options for raising additional visitor taxes. Various local councils are also exploring funding options as they review their long-term plans.

TIA is working to ensure the tourism industry is listened to and has a strong influence over central and local Government decisions on funding and investment.  We are aiming to lead and coordinate the industry response, while acknowledging there will be differing views.