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Fresh Water

Fresh water is integral to New Zealand's visitor offering. It supports many of our iconic adventure and outdoor activities, and sustains the natural landscapes that are the top reason visitors come here.

TIA believes that New Zealand can achieve great things by consciously giving priority to the preservation and enhancement of our natural resources, including fresh water. In a highly modified, resource-constrained world, New Zealand has a opportunity to show, in a planned and deliberate way, environmental leadership and integrity.

We support the implementation of the Land and Water Forum’s recommendations under a national fresh water management approach that aligns with the values of fishing, swimming and mahinga kai/food gathering, and an overall improvement of New Zealand’s fresh water over time.

TIA work in this space:

In April 2017, TIA made a submission on the Ministry for the Environment's Clean Water consultation document 2017. TIA supports the Government's move to set standards, monitor and measure freshwater to bring about improvements. However, we are stunned at the lack of understanding of the importance of fresh water to the tourism industry and how important our industry is to the New Zealand economy.

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  • Other submissions

Next Steps for fresh water - submission to the Ministry for the Environment's consultation document - 22 April 2016

Clean fresh water is vital to the growth and sustainability of New Zealand's tourism industry, and the Government must make protecting it a priority.

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill - submission to the Local Government and Environment Select Committee - 14 March 2016

The proposed legislative changes seem to be a step in the right direction to correct long term issues with the RMA. 


  • Land and Water Forum

TIA has been a member of the Land and Water Forum since its inception in 2009. 

The Forum brings together a range of stakeholders consisting of industry groups, electricity generators, environmental and recreational NGOs, iwi, scientists, and other organisations with a stake in freshwater and land management. They are joined by central and local government participants in developing a common direction for freshwater management in New Zealand and provide advice to the Government.

The Forum has produced several reports and recommendations. Find out more