Member Fees

Member fees

TIA membership is a must for any tourism related venture.

TIA member fees are based on the size of the organisation or hotel room numbers:

  • Annual turnover under $6 million - fees are based on the number of employees in the organisation
  • Annual turnover more than $6 million - fees are based on turnover
  • Hotels contributing to TIA’s hotel data survey – fees are based on room numbers

We rely on members’ honesty to ensure everybody makes a fair contribution to supporting our work.

Fees can be paid by credit card, direct credit, cheque or a monthly direct debit.



Annual turnover under $6 million

Total FTE Staff*

Fees (ex GST)

1 - 3


4 - 6


7 - 10


11 - 20


21 - 30


30+ and Association Head Offices




$0.004 per passenger

* A tool to help you calculate your FTE staff numbers is at the bottom of this page.

Annual tourism turnover more than $6 million

Fee basis

Fees (ex GST)

Annual turnover

$300 per $1 million



Hotels contributing to the TIA hotel data survey

Total rooms

Fees (ex GST)

Up to 30 rooms


31 – 50 rooms


More than 50 rooms

$19.80 per room

Calculate your Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Staff

To calculate your FTE staff numbers, simply multiply the number of staff of each type you employ by the relevant number to reach your A, B and C totals. Add these together to calculate your FTE staff numbers.

Full time staff  (  ) x 1.0 = Total A 
Permanent part time staff  (  ) x 0.5 = Total B 
Fixed term/seasonal staff  (  ) x 0.4 = Total C 
Full time equivalent (FTE) staff  A+B+C = Total FTE 


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